Help from pre-med/ med students!!!

<p>I have know for quite some time that I really want to be a doctor, however, I am the oldest child and neither of my parents are pre-med majors so I could use some guidence. To start, I could really use some reccomendations on undergraduate schools. I woul like to go to a very selective school, but at the same time, a school within my reach.</p>

White female (from Chicago Suburb)
4.0 (W) GPA
25-28 predicted GPA (im taking a 3 month class so I can probably get that up)
40 of 377 class rank
1 AP this year and 4 AP's next year
National Honor Society, Editor-in-Chief of school Newspaper, Student Council, Yearbook, Math Tutor, Piano (11 years).</p>

<p>What schools would be best for my desired career and abilities?</p>