help! fsu admissions

<p>Hey okay so I am already starting to stress about applying early and what not. I really want to get accepted into FSU but I just do not know how good my chances are for summer 2011. so if you guys could help thatd be great!</p>

<p>sat- all 3=1690, just the two- 1090 (math 590, reading 500, writing 600, essay 8)
act composite 22 (24 on everything but reading, essay 8)</p>

<p>gpa is a 4.0 weighted, 6+ ap classes and honors
im not sure whether I am in the top 10th or quarter percentile</p>

<p>National honors society, varsity golf captain, Volunteer at hospital (200 hours), community service in Israel last summer)
Im Iranian and can speak Farsi fluently</p>