Help!!! Future Premed

<p>I am an African American high school junior in MD. I am currently enrolled in the full IB Diploma (aka 6 really hard classes in 11th and 12th grade). I screwed up freshman and sophmore year but took most honors and pre-IB classes. </p>

<p>Freshman year 2.28
Sophmore year 2.71</p>

<p>If I were to bust my behind and get a 3.71+ junior and senior year. With a 31 or 32 or higher ACT score, 450 volunteer hours at a hospital, and lots of clubs 11th and 12th grade, great recs, and great essay. (Probably going to travel to Africa next summer and help the sick and poor in case that helps). I plan on going into Med School, so what do you guys think are the best premed programs that I have a chance of getting into.</p>

<p>It's a lot of predictions..... you really think you could get a 32 act with a 2.5 gpa??? Skeptical</p>

<p>Should built up that pre-med energy freshman year, not junior year. But if you work hard enough, it's possible. Especially since your a URM colleges will love a turn-around story, and it's much easier for you to get in. </p>

<p>In summary, don't give up on your dream, if you work hard enough, you could definitely become a doctor. Don't let anyone else tell your otherwise.</p>