HELP ! George Washington or American

Hey. I am a prospective transfer student with a 4.0 GPA at my current university looking to transfer due to the lack of academic rigour. I have already applied to some schools but don’t know whether or not to apply to GW or American in International Affairs with a concentration in International Security. Their application fees are super expensive and they don’t offer financial aid to transfers but they are in the city I want to be in and are the best schools for my major. If not these schools where should I apply ?

Right now GW is not worth it. Not sure about American.

I would go for GW, they are known for Elliot and many recruit (such as Booz allen) from GW. American is a little more outside the city, I would go for GW, seems like a more vibrant and upbeat school. Maybe also look into Georgetown if you want DC, they are amazing. I would look for schools in major cities as well, look into NYU - they should have a good international relations program and heavy recruitment due to the sole fact that it is in the city.

Have you verified with the financial aid offices that no aid (other than any federal aid you are qualified for) will be offered to you as a transfer? Do that first. Then run your numbers. There are other ways to be in DC than to be at one of these universities. For example, your current university might offer the option of a semester or year in DC, or might have good connections for summer internships there.

AU does actually offer financial aid to transfers.
Obviously I’m bias, but I would think that AU would give you more opportunities to concentrate on what you want inside of International Relations.

Unfortunately, I do not qualify for any of those of scholarships. I would need a scholarship and fasa to make American even a thought for my family finacially.

They aren’t merit scholarships, they’re need-based aid. Exactly what you are saying you need. They come from doing the FAFSA and CSS profile.

Thank you for the clarification! Sadly, FASA does not cover enough. Being unable to have a scholarship and having little money from FASA means a much higher cost.