help getting IB internship

<p>so this company posted an open position for a fall intern and i applied for it but didn't get a call back. I thought it was because the post was too old (about 3 weeks old when i sent in my resume). but recently i noticed they posted the same position again on the same job board! this internship isn't an analyst job, its mostly menial "grunt" research work but i think it would be great to have it as experience. I don't know what's wrong with my resume - i went over it numerous times with my friends/mentors changing it and revising it at least 5 times. I've gotten two offers for different internships with it but not this one (the one i want the most). could anyone in the know (ibanking experience, HR manager, etc) help me out with my resume??! I really want this position badly as I see it as a foot in the door.</p>

<p>thanks a bunch!</p>

<p>bump - any help is appreciated.</p>

<p>Honestly man, get your **** together when sending in your resumes to IB's and when it comes to applying for a full-time position at an IB they know the difference between IBD and Global Private Client for exaple. Try to do something where you get to do actual work and later land a position for safety full-time and still apply to all your top choice IB's.</p>

<p>what company is this for</p>

<p>its not a bulge bracket firm, and yes i do know the differences between the between the divisions of an ibank. its a small M&A firm located in So. Cal... I can pm you the name. The position is for a research analyst, doesn't take too much "skill" because we are just pulling data in from the internet and their software. I applied again.. still no call... sigh. I think its my GPA thats holding back + the fact that i didn't go to a very highly regarded school for my first two years.</p>

<p>oh well i have an interview for a department management internship tommorrow. I really wanted to get into ibanking but i guess its too early.</p>

<p>Get out of the local branch firms, that are small because almost all the time they have connected people already in line! Check out some start up companies in so-cal and the bay area and some easy to get into venture capital firms also. It won't hurt to look and ask around.</p>

<p>yea pm me the name. Have you even tried making a call to the company yet? Are they big enough to have an hr department. Ever taken a look at the small and mid sized investment banks in san diego, there are quite a few, they arnt prestige whores, they have very few positions, but the possibilities are there with many of them being fairly successful and positions filled with grads from stanford all the way to cal state san marcos. The names, i forgot, but my last search came up with nearly 30 firms</p>

<p>Someone has gots to do more researchand get themselves together with the career office. STAT!</p>

<p>He is in between bigger and better things which may mean lack of career center use?</p>

<p>southpasdena do you go to college if so where? I am just wondering out of curiousity.</p>

my career center at my old college is terrible and has like no postings for finance.</p>

<p>my career center at my new school won't let me login because i'm not a currently enrolled student (will be in the spring) so i have to resort to craigslist, monstertrak, careerbuilder, vault and whatever career centers my friends give me access to.</p>

<p>i go to mount san antonio cc in so cal</p>

<p>^Well, if you went to a top school, you would understand that they tend to post finance jobs daily. (Most are really good at this) The career center is a great place to find a safety career for yourself, while your dogging it on your own on the street.</p>

<p>So in other words becuase i go to a community college, it is a problem for me? Please refer back and look at who the original poster is and please open your eyes and find out it is not me. Hobo is inbetween an ok school and a great business school and has no access to their career center yet. What does that have to do with me going to a top school or not. I am sorry that i do not go to a top school as you may, think what you want, but make your references to the right damn posters. Dont take me for a fool (and just in case, ^ could have been forwarded towards hobo, but any who...i shall defend anyways)</p>

<p>PS as you should have realized i am not the op that was looking for help..i am doing accounting, not finance, and as you should already know nearly any school will do if you want to go into the big 4, cheaper the school or not 2k per semester is better than anything else offered and i can get that from my local cal states</p>

<p>^No, the reason why I asked this, was not to put you or the OP down, but to state that many people at top to decent schools avidly use their career center.</p>