Help guys!

<p>OK, so I was just looking back at the Common App form I sent Yale online on October 7th. I just wanted to look through and see if everything looked good, not that I could change anything anyway, but whatever.
So, I open the supplement in PDF format and, to my surprise, my Why Yale? statement is sort of cut off. The end of some lines is illegible. How did this happen? The text pasted into the box fine when I wrote it, and I wrote a 51 word statement, so I don't get what could have gone wrong. Is this what Yale is going to see or is my PDF thing messed up? I remember seeing it perfectly fitted in the box during the preview so I don't get why it's cut off now. I'm flipping out cuz I don't want to get penalized for that BS.
Anyone have anything to say to this?</p>

<p>Your short answer is not going to get you into or keep you out of Yale. Relax and worry about something you actually can control.</p>

<p>I noticed on the instructions that it said that if you wrote too much it would cut off. I think they recommended that you make a print out before e-mailing it to see if things would fit. If you only lost the last line or two I'm sure it won't hurt you though, so don't worry!</p>

<p>happened to me. called yale and they said its a problem with their program. they've gotten a few of those. not a big deal</p>

<p>thats reassuring, thanks pgsis. My counselor said she could fax the essay and personal statement to them seperately. Did Yale tell you to do anything like that or did they just say that they'd deal with their own problem?

<p>They said they really can't fix it, but it has happened before. I just called and they said it was fine. It isn't a bad idea to call and let them know and send in your essays again.</p>