Help , hard reading question

<p>This question is really confusing me , i got wrong after spending 3 min on it , lol ...anyway i would be grateful if you explain it to me .The book says that its C ,but i got it B which is wrong.This question is from RealSat 2013 , its a new book.</p>

<p>here is the passage</p>

<p>Some people boast of having a sixth sense, professing to know
or see things that others cannot. Fortune-tellers, mind readers,
and mystics all lay claim to this power,and, in so doing,elicit
widespread fascination in others,especially book publishers
and television producers. The questionable field of parapsychology
is of course founded on the belief that at least some people actually
possess this mysterious power. But to me, the real mystery is why so
many fortune-tellers choose to work the phones on television psychic
hotlines instead of becoming insanely wealthy stock traders on Wall

<li>The tone of the author's comment in the last sentence (But...Street)
is most accurately described as
(A) sardonic
(B) baffled
(C) condescending
(D) didactic
(E) pensive</li>

<p>I believe the answer is A not C, isn't it?</p>

<p>the "tone" is captured by this: "If they were REALLY psychics they wouldn't be working the psychic hotlines, now, would they." It's sarcastic.</p>

<p>So the writer isn't confused (i.e. baffled)
Too much attitude to be "pensive"
not primarily educating so not "didactic"
I'd say A . . . too much mocking to be just condescending</p>

<p>The book tells me that its c somehow</p>