HELP! high school major problem

<p>I know this does not belong on this board, but I need an answer and advice ASAP. </p>

<p>I have a problem. On Friday during 6th period I recieved a new schedule taking away my off campus 1st period and exchanging it for a class that I need to graduate with. I went to the conselors office which is in charge of scedules and explained to them that I plan to take this course ethier by Credit by Exam (CBE), Correspondence, or even an after school seperate course that lasts I believe 6-9 weeks. I promised them that this will be made up before December yet they kept on saying that they can't take it off my schedule until I recieve the credit! They insisted that in the past people by correspondence course (online course) did not complete it. I told them about my situation (you might have read my post about how my dad died my freshman year and how I had to deal with it) and I explained to them that I would not put myself in jeopardy like that to pay for a course and then not complete it; my mother would never let that happen.</p>

<p>Tomorrow I go back to school and I am not and will not step into that class first period. I want it taken off my schedule and I am going to get my mother to write a letter saying they have to. I am worried that they won't budge however even though there is no policy in which they have to keep it.</p>

<p>What do I do? I really shouldn't be dealing with this now, I am taking this course by other methods (CBE is a bit risky in terms of pass/fail, but correspondence, and night school course are guarnteed to get the credit). They absotley must take it off my schedule; I want my off period back and the classes I want senior year. </p>

<p>Please Help! What do I do to tell them there is absotley no way this is going to work on my schedule because I'm taking the course by another method.</p>

<p>dcifan, frankly, it sounds like you need to grow up, have a little cheese with your whine, and take this class.</p>