Help! holds which will prevent registration?

<p>I am in going to be a freshman at Fordham Lincoln Center this year. We're supposed to be registering for classes in two days and my account says I still have holds which will prevent registration. When I click on "view holds" it says my holds on my record "cannot be viewed on the web".</p>

<p>I've tried getting in contact with the school but the university was closed today. I have emailed a few people but have gotten no responses yet and it's the weekend now so it won't help if I call. I'm pretty sure I have kept up with all the deadlines and sent what I have needed in. I just wanted to ask is this status normal for a freshman before registration opens? I'm really worried I won't be able to get the classes I want because of this.</p>

<p>it's just because registration isn't open yet. once it opens up, you'll be able to register.</p>

<p>ok, that's a relief. Thank you!
It would have been nice if they made a note about that though. They make it pretty clear that you have to get rid of all holds before registration.</p>