Help! Hotel near University of Pennsylvania today!

<p>H is in Philadelphia with S and two friends. They drove over 1200 miles non-stop and have just found out their hotel reservation won't work - they need two queen beds and the hotel just had one king. H called me and asked me to find them a place to stay.</p>

<p>I'll be on the web looking for something, but if anyone has some good tips of where I should look, please respond to this thread. Budget for this trip isn't huge so reasonable rate is necessary. I know I just saw a thread somewhere of hotels in Philadelphia and I'll look at that info too.</p>


<p>there is a Sheraton right near UP.</p>

<p>The Sheraton didn't have any availability (according to their website). I just found a hotel with two double beds, free breakfast, wi-fi and free parking, for $67.50 (normally $150). Not a luxury hotel, but they are really tired and just need to sleep, so their eyes will be closed anyway!</p>

<p>Inn at Penn (which is actually a Hilton) right on campus but $$</p>