Help! How should i tell my mom on how i don't want to study architecture anymore

I’m now on my 4th year as an architecture student, architecture course is 5 years. I know i’m stupid after all the time and money spent but i’m just not happy anymore and i don’t know how to tell my mom about it because i know that she’ll be so disappointed of me but i’m really having a hard time and i don’t see myself as an architect in the future. What should i do??

Your mom loves you. Sit down and talk with her about how you feel about architecture. Even if she is disappointed, she will still love you and the disappointment will pass. You need her on your side, especially if she is paying for your education, so that you can work together to figure out what your options are if you drop the major.

Another thing that may soften the blow during your talk is that jobs in architecture are hard to come by.

From the Bureau of Labor statistics,

“Competition for jobs will be very strong because the number of applicants continues to outnumber available positions.”

If you can’t see yourself as an architect, then make sure you tell her as soon as possible so that you can work on a back-up plan.

Can you come up with an alternate plan that uses some of your training? You are right… she will be unhappy. If she is like most of the parents out here, she has been sacrificing to allow you to follow your dream. Is there some type of architecture or related job that appeals to you more than others? Please do a thorough evaluation of all your career options before dumping this on her.

Your mom loves you. She wants you to be happy.

You haven’t killed anyone. You’re not dealing drugs out of your dorm room, or running a porn ring from your computer.

You’re considering changing your major.

@Intparent has some great points-- this has been a huge financial investment, and the well may very well be dry. You may have to put your plans on hold as you save the money to continue your education in this new, not as yet defined, direction.

Take a look at how close you are to a 4 year degree in something-- how many of your credits could apply to some sort of a major in the same school, and see whether you can find a way of getting a degree in something in the near future. Then sort out your options.

I don’t know enough about your school’s program but at my alma mater, after 4 years you get a BS in Building Science and after 1 more year, you get an additional BS in architecture (or something like that…).

If not, is there any chance that you can finish your degree? you don’t have to be an architect but there must be jobs that might have a use for an architect’s knowledge (real estate developer? construction?).