Help: husband doesn't think Pratt's Architecture school is competitive enough.

Son got into Pratt, Syracuse, UVA, Northeastern, RISD and a couple of schools in the UK. We are waiting to hear from Carnegie Mellon tomorrow and Cooper whenever they decide to notify applicants!! He is mainly interested in the Barch but would possibly consider a 4+2 (UVA/etc). Pratt has offered nice MERIT and he is leaning towards them after a recent visit. He liked their facilities, study abroad and campus feel despite the small size. (CU has none). While he does like extracurriculars (especially drama) and playing/watching sports, he is not a party guy at all and thinks Syracuse is not for him despite the high ARCH ranking and 10k in ‘scholarship’ which is really a drop in the bucket.

My husband has read that Pratt accepts around 50% of applicants and feels this school is not competitive enough. He also worries our son needs more diversity than an 'ART " school. He is an Architecture major who will be entering college with the full IB diploma credits and hopefully will get several “intro” classes waived with his good grades on Higher Level courses.

Anyway, please help him/us decide on a good fit. They are all TOO EXPENSIVE as we are not eligible for much aid.But he needs to find a great place that can guide him through the grueling ARCH program. ALso, not sure if it’s relevant but he has spent his whole life in various international schools overseas so welcomes a diverse student body. THANK YOU!!

This should be under PRATT…not CMU. Thanks Admin people.

For a student for whom an arts-oriented approach to architecture seems desirable, Pratt, along with RISD, could represent the better choices from his group. I wouldn’t recommend that your son choose Pratt strictly based on cost, in that he may decide after further research that a more conventional program appeals to him more. However, if he maintains his favorable impressions of Pratt, it could be a great choice for his indicated interests.

Thank you! Appreciate the reply. He just got into CMU also. He is definitely artsy and into design so he’ll have to weigh the differences now.And locations too. But cost is a factor. And CMU is definitely more competitive however not the top ten at the moment. (although ranked #11 is great too). Any other folks have thoughts on Pratt vs CMU for ARCHITECTURE? thanks!!

I go to CMU for architecture and I love the program. Its challenging but really great. CMU has artsy factors to the program but it makes sure to teach students rigor and the basic elements of architecture that you cant learn from just designing architecture.

Thanks…he’s now leaning towards CMU. Will have to see if he gets any merit/aid though:0

Are there stats available about the percentage of students who started and then complete the major at each school? I think that would be very telling. It doesn’t matter how little a school costs if your student doesn’t finish.

I hear that there is a big ‘weed out’ factor at Pratt in the architecture program. This is one of my son’s choices too - any one know anything about attrition rates??

Britmom: where did you hear that about Pratt? I wonder if they’ll share attrition rates if we ask as I can’t seem to find anything on the site. Where else is your son considering?

anonymous_otter127: thanks for your comment. Unfortunately CMU has offered nothing (and no FA either) and is too expensive so son will likely go elsewhere but he has some great choices including Cooper Union, although after more research Pratt is looking like his top choice.

@awaitingoffers - i think I read it on the Architecture major website somewhere on CC. There were also many comments anout pulling all-nighters in the studio, and how the roommate of an architecture student felt like she had a single etc. This may be true of all BArch, though. S19 is also considering PennState, Drexel, Clemson, UMAss, Catholic, Temple for architecture - and 3 or 4 others for other majors.

I really like Pratt - I just worry that - what if he DOESN’T like architecture, or what if he’s not good at it - what else does he do at Pratt? At other schools, he could transfer to any major.

@Britmom5 : Wow he has a lot to choose from. Has he narrowed it down a bit? And Does he enjoy art/design? Because the first year at Pratt is a Foundation Year which my son actually thinks would be very cool. He just did his IB art exhibition which was a ton of work so I was actually surprised to hear that he wasn’t tired of it all. I think we will try to go on Saturday for the Admitted students day if we can find flights etc. How about you guys ?

I had hoped to go - but S19 is playing in a show and there are two performances on Saturday - one on Sunday. Would dearly love any intel if you go…

Flights are super pricey (we live abroad) due to spring break so my son just said today he has made up his mind and it will be Pratt so there’s no need to go again. Is your son into music or drama…as you mentioned the performances? That was one thing my son was bummed about…no theatre group but they said during his tour that anyone can start a new group so he has already mentioned he will try to do that when he gets to Pratt. He;s done a lot of drama and music as well.

Both. He plays in our local theater pit orchestra/band and loves being on stage too

Hi I am wondering whether your son attended Pratt or not. If yes, how does he feel about it? My son got in Pratt’s architecture and he is wondering whether he should choose it among other top schools… Thanks

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