[HELP] I applied ED to NYU and forgot to send my SAT score

I am literally freaking out, I did not know you had to pay to have your scores sent, I submitted my application yesterday for ED1 and my friend just told me about sending the scores, I just sent them and figured since its electronic they would be sent relatively quickly; so I ordered the score report, but apparently it takes 1-2 weeks… Should I email CB and ask them to rush my report??

AFAIK the only way you can rush a report is to order a rush score, which costs extra.

NYU’s website says they will accept a test score if submitted by your school counselor…contact your GC, take a screen shot of your score, and ask if they will sign that and send to NYU. I’m not sure if CB allows you to download a pdf of your score, but if so, the GC could send that.


Good luck.

Edited to add: Just confirmed that you can download your score report on the CB site. Choose a test, then you should see ‘download score report’ on the upper right. Download the score(s) you want, and ask your GC to email it to the address at the link above.

I did not order the rush score since I was in a hurry and overlooked it, I really appreciate your response, I asked my counselor to sign my SAT score PDF, email it and upload it in the commonapp as well. Should I email the admissions department regarding this as well? Thanks.

Good job reaching out to your GC.

Once your counselor emails the signed pdf to the NYU admissions dept, you should email your AO and tell them to check X email address for your official score report sent by your counselor.


Thank you so much for assisting me! Should I explain my circumstance i.e not knowing one had to send the SAT score and just self reporting on commonapp in my email to them from myself and my GC or what would you recommend?

I would say something; “I was previously unaware that I had to take steps to request the College Board to send my SAT scores to NYU. I have since made a request for them to send you the scores. In the meantime, I am attaching a PDF of my SAT scores verified by my Guidance Counselor. Thank you for your assistance.”

Then read this:https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/470497-clam-fart-oh-my-god-what-did-i-do-p1.html

Just to be clear, the GC has to be the one to send the document, not the applicant.