HELP! I can't get the scores by phone!

<p>I just press 1 when the woman said, but after that, she just begins to repeat the massage: welcome... I have tried several times, got the same result. anyone know what's wrong?</p>

<p>Try a different phone?</p>

<p>I am in the UK and I think I can only use one number:(001) 6097717366</p>

<p>oh you mean the problem is the phone? but I have only one phone, blackberry, or it is not available by moble phone?</p>

<p>Try the other number anyway.</p>

<p>I called from my mobile phone to get my scores.</p>

<p>Actually, if you want, I can get your scores for you. I don't mind paying an extra $8.</p>

<p>thanks I'll try again.</p>

<p>no thanks. you are so kind! ^_^</p>

<p>Actually, you CAN call the 888 number. Hope you like your scores :)</p>

is that the number?</p>

<p>888 is not available to me. I have tried more than 50 times but the results are the same.</p>

<p>thanks guys . Thanks for your help. I just changed my SIM card and I got my scores :</p>

<p>calc BC :5
physics B: 5
physics C E&M:5
physics C M: 5</p>