Help! I forgot to sign up for the SAT II

<p>What should I do? I'm a senoir.. if i take it in December will my scores get to colleges in time?? I am so dumb I can't believe I forgot to sign up! Is there any way to sign up after the late deadline?!?</p>

<p>do a walk-on</p>

<p>what is that? how do i do it?
the college board website is so unhelpful to me! or maybe it's the fact that i'm slightly panicy about this...</p>

<p>you go to your testing center...and if they have additional seats/materials they will let you take the test for a fee (i think its greater than the late sign up fee). check with your school, i personally have never done this but have seen kids who have</p>

<p>call collegeboard and see if they can help you.. i think there is a waitlist option or something</p>

<p>you can do a stand-by. Basically, go to a test center that is rather large, which would make it more likely that someone would not show up.</p>

<p>If the test center has empty seats / or unused tests, then you can take it. That's your best option at this point.</p>