Help! I have been accused of cheating on AP exams and I don't know what to do

I am a current rising High school senior. Back in early may, I was taking the AP euro exam. When I finished the multiple-choice section early and once final time was called for part A, I stopped working. When told to put pencils down I immediately stopped. When the proctor got to my table to collect my test packet, she said “uh oh” before moving on to the next table. Her remark confused me and when I went to ask her what she meant during the break, she said nothing had happened and that there is nothing to worry about.

Throughout the remainder of the test, I was stressed about what she had meant by that. After the second half of the test had concluded, I asked the prootor what had happened to which she said that nothing was wrong and that there was nothing to worry about. Furthermore, she said that “if you did something wrong we would have stopped you from taking the long essay and DBQ sections of the exam”.

I followed all the rules appropriately. I studied seriously for the exam and got A’s in my schools AP European History class so I hope that all the hard work I put in to study for the exam will not be wasted.

They also said that they “might potential investigate whether my offense warrants me to be banned form future college board tests”

I am extremely concerned because not only did this come out of nowhere, but when I have reached out to ask for help form my counselor and teacher they all said that nothing happened and not to worry about everything.

Also, over the summer I have begun the college application process and learning that the CSS profile is important for college apps.

If I am banned from College board, will I not be able to use CSS profile??

And what is the potential impact for being banned from AP exams next year?

Will this offense be on my AP report sheet when I apply to college?

I would really appreciate any help. Please…

Scores came out on July 5. What does your score report say?

Based upon your response, I will further edit your clickbait title

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Sorry but I am not sure I understand the nature of what you are accused of. Can you be specific? Do you intend on responding to the accusation?

Where/when were you accused of cheating? You don’t discuss that.

Closing thread since OP created an alias account to ask this question. They are welcome to repost under the original account