Help! I have no idea what I'm doing!


<p>I'm just trying to get a grasp on the college life and how veterans fit in. Most of my family is in east Texas and I'm going to be moving down in the spring to be closer to them after 5 years in the Navy. So far I've just been going to Regis University online since I've been honorably discharged. I've seen a few schools and I was just wondering if I was on the right track as far as narrowing down my choices is concerned. I would perfer a school with less than 10,000 students and obviously good academics is a must. I'm going to be a Political Science major. A beautiful campus is a requirement and they must take the Post 9/11 Gi Bill to cover 100% tuition. The schools on my list SO FAR are:</p>

<li>Sam Houston State</li>
<li>Tarleton State</li>

<p>Thanks for reading in advance!!</p>

SMU if you dont mind 11K</p>