HELP! I Have No Rankings!

<p>Hey guys, I go to high school in Canada, and my school we don't have a ranking system nor do we calculate GPAs. My counsellor told me to just put "no ranking" on the CommonApp, but I'm scared that universities will think I'm hiding something and toss my application to the side. By the way, our school doesn't have any AP courses either. </p>

<p>Right now my senior scores are: (All weighed 1 cred)</p>

<p>English: 89
Int. Business: 94
World Issues: 92</p>

<p>Another question! I took a few grade 12 courses in grade 11 so do I have to count those in my GPA as well?</p>

<p>Schools that don't rank aren't anything new to admissions officers, even schools here in the States. I know pleeenty of people, even at top high schools that don't have ranks. There's no disadvantage. Ranks are to see how you're doing in the context of your peers, but your teachers/counselors have a chance to reveal this in their recommendations. TLDR; Don't worry about it.</p>

<p>To answer your second question, if you're calculating your senior year GPA, only use the classes you are taking this year.
If you are calculating your overall GPA, yes, do include all the courses you've taken in HS (unless they specifically do not count towards GPA).</p>

<p>For US colleges, your GPA must include all academic classes taken since grade 9.</p>

<p>Waverly: sounds definitive. Based on what?</p>

<p>no worries about ranking, many schools don't submit - including tt's</p>

<p>wouldn't a course like that be considered "honors?" haven't any other students from your school applied to US colleges? surely there must be a system....if you're not sure, call admissions at one or two of the schools to which you are applying. you could give a fake name ; )</p>