HELP! I made a mistake in one of my essays!

For one of my essays, I wrote about exploring my interest in humanities courses. The opening sentence talked about how I was immersed in STEM, how we followed equations in math, and OUT OF NOWHERE, mentioned how we analyzed concrete facts in history. Right after that, I talked about how my courses limited “discovery and exploration” which led to the rest of the essay.

The mistake is really obvious…history isn’t a STEM course. But after reading the essay through, my reasoning on why I want to pursue humanities majors is very very clear . I think the mistake of mentioning history when I was talking about STEM doesn’t necessarily change the meaning of my whole essay. It just makes it read really out of place.

Do you think it’s worth emailing my admissions officer about? Do you think they’ll toss my application thinking that I’m just a poor, careless writer?

I don’t know what you would say. I also think that the section

may be a bigger mistake.

I would email the admissions officer, saying you inadvertently attached a rough draft, and could they please attach the new draft you are providing.

Not sure what you were trying to get at without reading the whole essay, but it sounds like you didn’t clearly express your ideas. I suggest a rewrite, making sure you are conveying a clear message. I agree with post 1.