Help!!! I Need A List

<p>I’m extremely stressed out due to the fact that I officially hate my high school guidance counselor. She in my opinion knows nothing. Its not like she has so many students to deal with that I’m just a tiny dot in the masses. I go to a private school there are only 130+ seniors. Now stepping away from my rant... I need help making my list of colleges because my counselor hasn’t helped me, yet needs me to make a list. Unlike most students on this board I’m not an uber smart prodigy type. I’m like dead average... Much to my families dismay I want to major in something that isn’t very practical.. International Relations. I’m a low socioeconomic background Hispanic in California. I go to a private catholic school which I’m starting to doubt will help me get into college anymore lol. My G.P.A is a 3.4 and like my GPA my test scores are also low. My horrible SAT score is 1360 and a 21 on my ACT. I’m scheduled to take my sat II subject tests in Spanish and us history in October. I’m only take 2 AP's this year euro history and English. I’ve taken to AP Spanish test and received a 4. I need help with a college list. I need 3 safeties, 4 targets, and 3 reaches. I don’t know of any schools I can get into with a good IR program. I wish I could get into those amazing D.C. schools. The only safety I have so far is San Francisco State which I chose due to: a) it has my major B) it has a lot of foreign language options. For my other 2 safeties I’m basically lost. My targets are hopefully university of Washington, Seattle university, American University of Paris, and University of Toronto. My reaches are easy to chose since who cant think of hard schools to get into? Well I have American University, George Mason, and UCLA. I really am lost any advice is welcome even criticism, I can handle it. ADD anywhere you want its all welcomed. I’m also gay I just though it would add that since I don’t want to go somewhere I will be like lynched. Sorry for the disorganization I’m writing this frantically since I need answers right away. ANYTHING PLEASE!!! I'm open to any college suggestions.</p>

<p>If your SAT score's out of 2400, do not under any circumstances report it. If thats out of 1600, thats a decent score (in which case, you will not want to report the ACT)</p>

<p>check out your local universities/colleges and try the counselor-o-matic</p>