Help! I need a math genius. I'm failing statistics...

All of my work is due at midnight and Im lost on what to do. I’ve tried looking online and posting on yahoo answers.I cant find anyone to help me. I have three homework pages with 15 questions and a test. They are all submitted online.

What Im having trouble with is:

  • using confidence interval for the population proportion
    -Using the given confidence interval to find the margin of error and the sample proportion
    Find the margin of error for the given values of​ c, σ​, and n.
    and how to find the margin of error in general

You’re going to have to look in the book and figure it out the best you can. You shouldn’t have waited until 6 hours before it was due to get help though. Lesson for the future, go to the professor and seek help. No one can teach you all of this stuff in 4 hours over the Internet anyways. You really needed to ask the professor for help when you knew you didn’t understand.

@AvPsychologyGirl as danfer91 said, you should use your textbook or course notes for help; they will also usually provide examples. Write down and remember any important formulas, and know when to use them.

my class doesn’t use a textbook.

@AvPsychologyGirl then use whatever course notes your class provides. If there are no course notes (or if they are insufficient), you may be able to find notes from other university courses - most introductory statistics courses cover the topics you listed above.

Get a tutor asap!

Also, look at Khan Academy videos.

In the future, don’t wait until the last minute and ask your prof for help.