Help! i need help with math please....

<p>I am really struggling with the math section. How should i Study for it?</p>

<p>Any advice</p>


<p>Well, I found that knowing all of the little formulas help a lot. For every problem, look for a shortcut, ACT math is pretty easy in my mind, because out of the 5 choices, the answer's staring at you in the face, what i often use is the "storytime" answer. in this method, you pick out C (the middle one) and plug it into the problem to see if it's right, if the answer's too small, then you can eliminate A, AND B, AND C (the answers are usually in smallest-biggest order, but check the problem anyways) and go straight to D and E, and if you tried c and it was too big, then you can eliminate C,D, and E and go to A, or B........................... hope this helps</p>

<p>Thanks. Anymore?</p>

<p>act math really focuses on knowledge
I believe they've released a "Real ACT" prep book?
I'd recommend just doing practice test after practice test and go over the stuff you dont remember
act math is always just straight math and there really are no tricks (unlike those sat math problems)</p>

<p>also practice under real conditions (like dont give yourself an hour and 20 minutes when you're only supposed to have an hour) because I found that the ACT math is just a lot more time consuming vs the SAT math as a result of just the pure volume of math questions</p>

<p>I'm not that sure, i enjoy doing harder math outside of school i.e AMC12 and some AIME problems so i find the ACT extremely simplistic in terms of math. Hmm, try to remember all the retarded formulas and start doing a lot of problems similar to the ACT ones by yourself or with a teacher and get to the point where you can do each one in 15-30 secs.</p>