I’m obsessed with UPENN, Columbia, and Northwestern. These are obviously reaches but does anyone have any safeties that are similar to these schools??

Intended major? Budget? Home state?

Communications major ?

Engineering ?

Liberal arts ?

Pre-professional ?

What do you like about Columbia, Penn, and Northwestern ?

You may find Colgate & Bucknell interesting.

@Publisher Colgate and Bucknell would be mid to low-matchs for most high-stat students, due to the number of applicants vs. small size of a LAC.

@sgidey Before considering aid, your in-state universities will be the cheapest. If we’re considering aid, Arizona’s universities are a popular choice as they offer automatic merit scholarships based on test scores and GPA. If a NMSF, multiple universities offer full-tuition and full-ride scholarships if you become a NMS.

However, we would need to know more information about your stats and extracurriculars, as one student’s match school is another student’s reach school, and so on.

Hope that helps!

For a somewhat less challenging admit, look into the University of Richmond. The less competitive schools in D.C. also may be of interest to you. Trinity, in Connecticut, could be another option.

How are any of these schools safeties? OP didn’t even share stats, budget, major, etc?

They are not intended to be safeties as much as the suggestions are designed to elicit additional information from the OP.

We do not know OP’s stats or budget and we do not know why OP is attracted to the three universities mentioned (Northwestern, Columbia, and UPenn).

OP- with more information, we can be helpful.

Kids who love Columbia often love Fordham and Brandeis ( safety for you? and Brandeis a match? I have no idea). Kids who love Northwestern often love Muhlenberg (ditto). Kids who love Penn often love American and GW (if you are competitive for Penn, these might be a safety and match, respectively).

Post your stats, location, budget, etc. and what it is you love about each of these.