help!! I think I'm screwed!

I’m a senior in high school and I failed first semester of chemistry, I applied to a few cal states is there any chance of me still being able to get accepted even if i get an A second semester? or is community college a for sure now?
(could I be able to retake the class in independent studies?)

You probably hurt your chances a bit, but I definitely don’t think you’re doomed for community college! Just work harder next semester, send in those improved grades ASAP, and you should be fine!

I know the UCs required that you notify them if you get less than a C in either your first or second semester. I’m not sure about the CSUs. For right now, if you have applied to UCs, look up how to let them know. Check about the CSUs. If you have a conditional acceptance, you will need to contact them and talk to them. You’ll likely have to explain what happened to cause a failing grade and I’m not sure it is realistic to expect an A the second semester if you failed the first (they may wonder about this, too).

I wish you the best of luck getting in - I think with appropriate understanding of what caused the failing grade and a plan for not letting that happen again, you should be ok.

Any special reasons? If so, write the a letter explaining it

Context! What are the circumstances that led to your failure? Because you slacked off (and how did you think could get away with that?) or because you struggled with other issues and didn’t devote enough time to chemistry?