Help: I used white-out on an exam?!

So I did something rather silly and I used whiteout on one of my AP exams. I’m not sure if my test will get invalidated, and if so, how I’ll get notified of it, and if there’s something I can do.

Have any of you used white-out on an AP and still received a high score?

Thanks, I’m kinda freaking out :open_mouth:

update – just in case, a few years down the road, someone else has the same issue and is looking to CC for advice, I still got a 5 on the exam I used whiteout on! :slight_smile: don’t worry kiddos, it seems like CollegeBoard is more lenient than I thought!

Alternatively for the future, one can just read the instructions on what not to bring, and leave he Wite-Out at home or in the locker. Glad it worked out for you though. :slight_smile: