HELP i want to transfer

<p>hey i need help..well i just started cal poly san luis obispo in the fall 2004 as a aint really my place to be..i am a computer engineering major. i changed my mind and want to go to ucsd. so can anyone tell me when i can transfer? or how i will transfer? and what are my chances? in detail please anyone? thanks this will be really helpful</p>


<p>Those are very specific questions. You should start at the UCSD website, and then call admissions if there are any questions you still have.</p>

<p>sndc5, to my knowledge, transferring from a 4-year university to another 4-year university (especially the UC's) can be rather difficult. Not that I am saying you have no chance at all, but in reality chances are slim. This is because they give the highest priority to community college students who want to transfer to an actual 4-year institution. If you are applying as a transfer student from a 4-year university, they automatically see that you are already "set" because you are attending an actual university. So they give highest priority to community college applicants and then after them, they consider applicants from 4-year universities. To not smash your dreams, there have been students that have transferred from Cal States to UC's and even UC's to UC's. My suggestion would be is to take the "Cal State to CC to UC" path. Finish your current term and then go to a community college from your Cal State University and then try transferring to a UC. I believe that would increase your chances for UC San Diego a great deal. If that path does not interest you and for MORE specific details, contact UCSD's admissions office and tell them exactly the situation you're in and what are the options of trying to transfer to the school. Best of luck.</p>