Help im going insane

IM GOING ABSOLUTLEY UPSIDE DOWN I KEEP ON FORGETTING MY WORK I NEED MANY WAYS TO HELP ME REMEMBER. im good at all the things my professor is telling me it is just the work sheesh

Do you keep on forgetting to actually do the work, or do you keep on forgetting to turn it in? If I were you, I would set reminders for myself on my phone to turn things in.

Reminders, get yourself a to-do list app (there are a bunch of free ones out there), and write everything on your calendar.

Another great idea is to go old-school. Set up a white board on your desk, and every assignment that you get goes on the board, with the due date. Every day you check what’s on the board, when its due, and then, when it is done, it gets erased.

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. . . . Turn it in! Then, erase the white board, and go on to the next item on the list.