Help in choosing a major.

<p>I always thought I wanted to major in biology, but then I took a psychology class and really enjoyed it. So no I think I may want to major in psychology. But I know that there are less jobs with a psychology major. I am pretty sure I want to be a neurologist, but if not then probably a neuroscientist. So would a bio/psych double major be too difficult? Or would it be best to choose one?</p>

<p>Neurologist implies medical school. Neuroscientist does not. For either, one a Biology or Biochemistry major would be a great start. Double majors are always more difficult because of the increased workload. However, you could consider majoring in either Biology or Biochemistry and minoring in Psychology.</p>

<p>There are many schools that have undergrad degrees in neuroscience. Look into those programs and see if that might be the path for you.</p>

<p>I'm going to UGA in the fall, which doesn't have a neuroscience degree. How much harder is a double major?</p>