Help In Choosing Classes for Next Year

<p>Ok. So next year I will be a junior and am hoping to pursue a degree in architecture/ interior design/ landscape design/ urban planning. I am wondering if I made the right class choices for next year. Here is the classes I have put down to take as of now. Classes that are required are marked with a (*).Please give me your opinion on the most positive classes to aid in any of the majors listed above. I’m not sure if AP Economics would help me get into a good architecture school but if I don’t take AP in 11th, I will have to take regular Economics (with no AP weight) in 12th. I don’t know if it’s better to take it to boast my GPA or should I take more classes related to my prospective majors. Thanks.</p>

<p>11th Grade Schedule:
-Drawing and Painting II (need to take this to take AP -Studio Art in 12th)
-Photo 3 (sem. 1) and Architecture (sem. 2)
-AP English Language and Composition*
-Spanish 4 Advanced
-Algebra II/ Trigonometry Advanced*
-AP US History*
-Physics Advanced*
-AP Microeconomics </p>

<p>12th Grade Prospective Schedule:
-AP Studio Art
-Principals of Engineering
-AP English Literature and Composition
-AP Spanish
-Pre-Calculus Advanced
-AP Comparative Government (if I don’t take AP Microeconomics in 11th, I have to take 1 semester of regular government and 1 semester of regular economics)
-AP Physics C</p>

<p>Other Electives that seem related to architecture but have no room in schedule:
-3-D Design (sorta want to take this but no room)
-Computer Science/ Desktop Publishing
-Environmental Studies (sorta want to take this too)
-Production Systems (a woodshop type class)</p>

<p>Thanks for your opinion on which classes seem most beneficial to help me get into a good school.</p>

<p>I think you should post this in the AP forum</p>

<p>A good art and some physics and math backgroud should provide you with a solid foudation for architecture. Make sure you have a strong portfolio. Do well in your studio art classes and make sure you create pieces that demonstrate not only technical but conceptual mastery. Also, take physics B not C. The latter is calculus-based and you'll be in pre-calc by the time you take it. At my school, most of my friends in physics b were in pre-calc, and most people in C were in calculus or had already taken AP Calc AB.</p>

<p>Yeah you wouldn't be qualified for physics C because you need to know how to take derivatives and integrate. (it's basic calculus but the course is hard and not having a solid calc background will hurt you)
If you want to do comp sci, that is an easy self study.
If you want to do architecture, AP studio art: 3D design might be really helpful. I mean I don't know but that's my opinion.</p>

<p>I'd go with the AP economics : )</p>

<p>But definitely do well in your studio classes.</p>