Help In possible transfer to UCF

<p>Hi, I am a Sophomore(31 credits) student, currently enrolled at FAU. I begin my second year Fall 2010, and I have a big question that should help me with a major decision. I wish to attend UCF, I have since I was in high school, when I originally applied there, I didnt know much about college admissions, and applied for Fall, not summer. So I got waitlisted, and just decided to attend FAU. Words cannot express how incredibly unhappy I am. All of my friends live in Orlando, and Im not gonna lie, I like it whenever I visit. I'm looking to transfer to UCF, I just want to know how I should go about it. Should I just transfer for Spring 2011, and if so, how/when should I apply.
Or should I just recieve my AA from FAU, then go to UCF for fall 2011. If so, how do I go about obtaining the AA, and applying? Im sorry, Im the first in my family to attend college, so my parents arent much help, and the FAU advising is completely useless to me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>I"m a parent of a fall 2010 freshman...
If FAU isn't being helpful (are you sure?) Mmm. anyway, I would call UCF admissions and see if its too late to apply as a transfer and see whats what. Tell them you're not getting the advice you need from FAU, so see what they recommend or what you have to do. It might be too late for Summer at this point , maybe fall ?</p>

<p> could do what you said, get your AA from FAU, and apply whenever they suggest ...not sure when you'd have your AA, etc....
I would def call UCF and see what they say first so you can plan your timing.</p>