help! international+cornell/berkeley/suggestions

<p>hello i am an international student(middle east).i plan to apply at cornell (early decision and berkeley with applied math as a major and at rensselaer polytechnic institute as an engineer. I scored 1360 in my sat (700 math and 660 reading) .i would score more than 700 in math 1 subject test and about 800 in french (my first language of instruction).don't know my physics test grade but surely above 650
I have good ECs:
member of the handball team
, I play the piano
I do volunteer work at a children cancer care center
I play chess(member of highschool club)
I teach to cover my expenses.
I take many online courses at mit,harvard and stanford.
my gpa is 3.8(ranked first out of 50) I participate in a lot of civil movements (protestations against segregation.-don't know if it helps in the college application ) my oppurtinities have been limited by the crappy situation in my country (suicidal bombings,mini wars...) don't know if the admission officer will consider that and how to fit my situation in the college application
do you think I have a chance,(if no ,please suggest some colleges to apply at(for both majors))? do you recommend to change my early decision plan from cornell to rensselaer? every answer will be appreciated.</p>