HELP!! international student with toefl score below 100

<p>I got a 96 on Toefl-ibt.
However, most of the colleges require at least 100 on Toefl.</p>

<p>Should I still submit my application? Will my application still be read by the admission officers even though I don't meet the requirement???
Do I still have the chances to get into prestigious colleges, such as Duke, Yale, Princeton?
or I should merely give up??</p>

<p>Require means require. It's not optional and they won't consider you without a 100.</p>

<p>What are the rest of your scores? What exceptional things do you offer these schools?</p>

<p>The TOEFL minimum score is no joke- if you don't have 100, you won't be considered. I had a few friends apply with sub 100 TOEFL scores; they were rejected. When they asked why, they were told that they simply didn't meet the requirements- indeed. I guess you can retake the TOEFL, or try to waive it through a good SAT critical reading score. Check each college's waiver policy. Sorry....</p>

<p>I forgot something: some colleges offer conditional enrollment if you're in their ESL program. However, I don't know if that's applicable to the colleges you're applying to. Call them to see if they might consider such an alternative.</p>