Help! Luggage storage Boston

<p>I need a quick answer, we're headed out of town for Easter weekend.</p>

<p>DH is flying up to visit our college D for a few days. She is coming back from a spring break mission trip the same day he is flying up. He has about a 4-5 hour layover to wait on her, then he will have a rental car to drive them both up to Hanover. He wants to go into Boston for those hours - what can he do with the luggage???? He's bringing up spring clothes for her, so he actually has luggage.</p>

<p>Can he get the keys to the rental car, put the luggage in the trunk, levae the car in the rental lot, then go into Boston and just drive away 5 hours later after he picks her up?? He's not as familiar with Boston as I am, and has a little trepidation about parking, is there some parking in or around Logan where he could leave the rental car for a few hours, and take the T into the city???</p>

<p>Logan definitely has public parking available, though it is not cheap. Is your daughter arriving internationally? There is an easy to use parking lot for terminal E (international arrivals, Northwest Airlines). In any event, here is the link for
information about Logan:
MASSPORT:</a> Logan Airport: Airlines</p>

<p>why doesnt he call the car rental place and ask...</p>