Help! Made a mistake on Common App but found out after submitting

For my dad’s occupation, I accidentally re-entered the college he got a degree from instead of his employer’s company. Said college is also one that I’m applying to and (obviously) he does not work there. All the applications are “downloaded by college” so review might have already happened D:

Should I email every college I accidentally sent this to? I have no idea what to do and I’m panicking…

I wouldn’t worry about this at all, nor would I email a correction to the schools. If you still have applications to send, do make the correction though.

Good luck.

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Not sure. In this case, for this error, I might correct it. It says he works for a college. While there’s no special consideration given for that, it does create an impression. And depending on the job title, it could be misleading.

I’m glad you replied to this lookingforward, I was thinking more about it after I posted and lost track of things.

OP, have you asked your HS GC if you should correct this? They have the benefit of knowing you entire app, and categorization of schools.

I would correct it if you can do that in the school’s portal, or if you have an established relationship with the AO. I would lean against contacting AOs who you have never interacted with, and having this be the first contact. Just my 2 cents after thinking about it some more.