HELP: making Model U.N. flyer

<p>I have to make flyers for Model U.N. by tomorrow. </p>

<p>There are over 50 clubs at my school, and the competition for recruiting new members is fierce and serious. Academic Bowl has already put their flyers up (we've always been unofficial rivals because we have meetings on same days and look for similar types of people). Their tacky, trite flyer reads: "Join... Academic Bowl. Everyone is welcome." </p>

<p>I need witty, eye-catching, ideas for the Model U.N. flyer. We look for intelligent, eloquent people, who are capable of doing research and debating about human rights. We travel a lot, sometimes out of state. We miss school for several days for legitimate reasons. The only idea we've come up with is, "Our caucuses come in all types and lengths." </p>

<p>Yeah, not good. Help me!</p>

<p>"Can we import your exports?"

<p>This headline would probably be innapropriate for school: "Turkey invaded Djibouti with the aid of Greece. (Join MUN!)"</p>