Help! Male Comedic Monologue

<p>I'm still in search of a comedic/lighter monologue for my auditions in February. Does anyone have any ideas?? It should be around 2 minutes and should be age appropriate. I need something contemporary too (no verse, poetry or Shakespeare). Any suggestions or directions to look in would be appreciated!</p>

<p>first direction is to do what i did/everyone should do...go to your library/any place that has plays...and read...alot...after a while one will come to you, just as you are reading, thats what happened to me...and id have to say they worked well, i was accepted</p>

<p>but if you are in a superb time crunch...and i want to say this is NOT recommended...look at a collection of contemporary monologues/best stage monologues of 1991-2004. please know that there is a great chance that someone else at your audition will use these. when i went to my nyu audition, all the guys were asking what eachothers material, just in case someone sang the same thing we did. we didnt have the same material, but one guy said that his monologue was from something that I had looked at in a collection book, and thought about having as a back really be careful with those books...reading plays is much much more recommended...and by reading the play you get a much better understanding of the character.</p>

<p>hope this helps</p>


<p>i agree with that as well. i often take a trip to barnes and noble, and spend hours and hours sitting on a comfty chair at the drama shelf just reading. another thing you should try to look out for, are monologues that require heavy character acting. i learned the hard way in high school that the purpose of an audition is to show YOU. not a zaney character with a weird voice that doesn't show who you are. that said, i'd stay away from absurdist drama like some of albee's work. (although i personally love it) try looking at christopher durang maybe; i know he has some good stuff if you find you and his humor 'click.' (ps, these are just suggestions to get you started.) if you're looking at the compilation books, i'd suggest looking at the ones with scenes. believe it or not, a huge chunk of the scenes have suitable monologues inside of them, and they also seem to be from meatier plays.
honestly, all it takes is some time spent searching through plays. the only don't have i have for you, is DONT try to research online. that can help once in a while, but i've travelled that road and you won't find anything but bad or overused material. just get to a bookstore/library and read-read-read.</p>

<p>If you have any particular favourite playwrights who write comedy, you could look into their other work to find something you click well with.</p>

<p>david lindsay-abaire may be a start....he writes good comedic stuff.</p>

<p>hi drew :) cant wait to see you!!!!!! (sorry cant help ya though)</p>