help! math is killing my chances!

I'm very stressed out. I have a 760 critical reading, 770 writing, and...540 math! ugh.
I want to bring my math into the 600's, preferably 650 or higher.
I'm taking the test again in October.
What should I do to study? Is it possible to do this by October?
Please advise! I have been taking the math SAT sections repeatedly and going over questions with my tutor, but I don't seem to be improving. A big problem I have is nerves. I do very poorly in timed situations.
What do you think? Please help!!</p>

<p>Lol... I'm going to guess you are NOT ASIAN! I wish I had that score :( I always feel math is something you can improve on and critical reading is not.</p>

<p>I'd advise you to get this:</p>

<p></a> Gruber's Complete SAT Math Workbook (9781402218460): Gary Gruber: Books</p>

<p>Haha, I am definitely not Asian but at times like these I wish I was! Especially when one of my best friends who is Chinese got an 800 on her first try in math. Soo not fair!</p>

<p>As SatTooEasy said, math is much more coachable than CR and if there is a section you can really improve on with practice it would normally be math. The fact that you do not seem to be making progress despite tutoring is not a good omen but has to be put in perspective. A score of 540 in math is a little bit above the average math score for all test takers so you are not "bad" at math. What there is is a large dichotomy between your math and your CR scores with your CR score being one that is so high that very few SAT test takers come anywhere near it. Not everybody's brain is wired the same way. It could be that you are a person with natural ability that is about average in math but extremely high in verbal tasks. This would be a real problem if you were aspiring to be a nuclear physicist but if you are planning to major in a subject and enter a career that require very strong verbal skills but only average quantitative ability you should do fine.</p>

<p>ummm i'm asian and my SAT scores are horrid (1780) . I don't think it is based on ethnicity but on the determination and perseverance of a good score. I'm gonna re-do my SAT and actually not wait till two weeks before to study :)</p>

<p>well the best way to improve math is to be asian, an alternative good way is to practice... kidding.</p>

<p>could you provide more details like which part of the math section you find the most difficulty to deal with, why do you think you can't solve a problem, is it because that the question involves a particular concept you have not learned or you couldn't understand the problem. provide as many details as you can so we can give suggestions more effectively and accordingly</p>

<p>Being asian has absolutely nothing to do with your scores. Yes, it's true a lot of asians score well on the math because in asia, the main focus is on math! Math is something you can definitely improve on. The SAT math can be quite tricky with a one more step kind of trick problem. Take math tests, find the wrong answers, understand WHY it is wrong and how to do it right the next time. Within a month of this, you can raise it to 600+, that will help your score a lot. P.S., i went from 470=>570=>690 on the math section within half a year of studying.</p>

<p>I increased from 460 to 640-690 in 2 weeks. I suggest BARRON'S Workbook.</p>

<p>Wow, thanks so much, its good to know all things are possible! I am improving...I took a practice test and I'm now at a 570. Hopefully I can get into the 600's by October.</p>