Help Me: Best College for Quantum Computing?

Hi all,

I’m new but mainly came to ask what universities are good for quantum computing - anyone know this?

I’ve been playing around with some quantum tools to familiarize myself, like one by IBM and also elyah, its just with a field like this I struggle to find things made for younger people like me. I’ve spent a lot of time coding and feel I’ve hit a wall. I need to understand it more, and I’m very curious about it.
I mainly find graduate courses… which is understandable but not enough. I feel at this high school age I have a larger appetite to learn, and I need the best to get ahead.


University of Maryland.


For better understanding, you need to start with physics. Unfortunately, physics, like many subjects in STEM, is hierarchical. You need to learn the basics before jumping into something like quantum physics. You’ll also need to learn lots of math. There’s no short cut.

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