Help me build my college list pls!

Ok so I’m only applying to like nine schools as of right now and I feel like I need to apply for more. I’m kinda having a crisis. I’m almost done with all my essays already so time is not an issue anymore bc of covid.

I’m graduating a year and a half early with all my high school credits. I’m looking for a music major (especially contemporary/popular music or songwriting) but I’m also open to applying for creative writing, English, history, poli sci or undeclared. I have a 3.6 GPA and am not submitting SAT bc of covid. I’m fine with schools that are safety’s, matches or reaches. Money is a factor, but I’m okay applying for schools that might be more expensive if I like the program (if I get in, I won’t go if I can’t afford it). I have a fee waiver so number of schools isn’t much of a factor either. Uncertain of whether or not I qualify for in state anywhere bc I have moved so much. Looking for schools in major cities preferably, but just outside of the city is fine too. Also looking at east coast schools bc I’ve lived on the west coast for most of my life, but I need to apply to at least one school on west coast as well.

Already applying to:
NYU Clive Davis
Columbia College Chicago
Columbia University
Syracuse University
Fordham Unviersity
University of San Francisco
The New School for Contemporary Music and Jazz
Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

Look into Sarah Lawrence, which offers notably strong programs in music and creative writing.