Help me calculate my UC gpa!

10 Grade (Michigan school):

Honors English A/A
Honors Algebra A-/B
Honors Chemistry B+/A
Honors U.S. History A/A
Art History A/
Music Composition B+/
Photography /A

11th Grade (Ohio school)

Honors English A/A
Honors Pre-Calculus A-/A-
Physics A/A
Honors Government A-/A-
Web Design A/
College Prep P/
Game Design /A
Engineer Design /A

Using the RogerHub GPA Calculator I get 3.86 UW/Capped weighted and Fully Weighted. You get no extra Honors points for your Honors courses since they are not UC approved for OOS applicants and you have no AP/IB or DE courses. Also for your VPA UC requirement, you need a full year of either Art History, Music Composition, Photography so you need to take another semester to qualify.

With your UC GPA under 4.0, your target UC’s should be UC Merced/Riverside and Santa Cruz.