Help me choose a school!

I've recently been getting back my early action/decision notices and it has changed everything I thought i knew about where I was going to get in. I applied ED to Northwestern and EA to Babson, UNH, and UVM. Was denied from Northwestern and Babson, accepted at UNH and UVM. My list of regular decision schools far more reflects NW and Babson than it does UNH and UVM. It is
Wake Forest
Notre Dame
University of Richmond</p>

<p>I have a 33 composite act when superscored and a 32 when non-superscored. My gpa is a 3.36 out of 4.0 (my school does not weight). My class rank is non existant and I am also a captain of a varsity sport, a member of a few clubs, frequent volunteer at habitat for humanity and many other community service related activities. I am also a nationally ranked skiier, placed 10th at nationals last year. I cant get recruited because it isnt a college sport (ski jumping). But it is just a weird thing to add to my app...? Good recommendations. </p>

<p>I know my GPA is very offset from my test scores so if you could
a) comment on my regular decision schools and
b) suggest schools that I might want to add to my list</p>

<p>You sound like a great kid. Hang tough. Ski jumping is not for sissies, and to be nationally ranked is a big deal. You've got two fabulous schools you've been admitted to, so what's the problem? I think your list is an appropriate range of schools, and I think, in the end, you will have more than two choices.. In terms of suggesting more schools, what do you want to study and what's don't you like about schools you've already gotten into.</p>

<p>What schools are Unh and uvm?</p>

<p>university of vermont and university of new hampshire...</p>

<p>Looking for schools that are 5000-8000 maybe larger, and yes i do have some smaller schools on the list. UNH and UVM have 10+ kids every year from my town and are both close to an hour and a half away. I want to get AWAY. Also looking for a moderately competitive school. I want a school where i will be challenged by the work. Interested in possibly engineering, economics. I don't really have my heart set on any particular major just yet.</p>