help me choose a west coast school

<p>I want to apply to at least one west coast school but I can't decide so tell me what you think</p>

Cal Poly SLO<br>
Cal Poly Pomona<br>
UC Davis<br>
U San Francisco<br>
UWA </p>

<p>A. location (from favorite to least favorite)
1. USF
2. USC
3. UWA
4. Pomona
5. UCD
6. SLO</p>

<p>B. major Id want to do/best school for major
1. SLO
2. Pomona
3. UCD
5. UWA
6. USF</p>

<p>C. $$$$
1. SLO
big gap
3. UCD
5. USF
6. USC</p>

<p>D. Social life/fit for someone from east coast
1. USC
2. USF
3. UWA
4. UCD
6. Pomona</p>

<p>k help</p>

<p>Not enough information in your post....what are your stats? what major are you interested in? The schools you list vary quite a bit...are you on the East Coast? What is appealing about the West Coast to you? For instance, climate and location wise there is a big difference between UWA and UCD and SLO....small town, big city?? Sometimes I find those from the East Coast forget what a large geographic area the West Coast covers...please provide more information and I think you will get some good answers</p>

<p>My 19 year old daughter attends Pitzer College in Claremont California. It is part of the Claremont Coleges, which include Pomoma, Harvey Mudd, Scripps, Claremont Mc Cenna, as well.</p>

<p>She enjoys it very much and the experience is much different for her since she is from the east. There are some positives and negatives. The college is under 1000, smaller than her high school at home. It is expensive, rated in the Top Ten cost wise, ( over $40,000 a year). In addition, it is a place for a lot of non conformist, quasi hippies. The life style is good, but due to the size it can become styfling. A student can take courses at any of the other campuses to add diversity. It is extremely laid back, liberal, and socially active. I think of it as an Oberlin in Southern California. </p>

<p>The weather is also beautiful, and the college is less than an hour from LA. If you like the above desciption than take a look at that one.</p>

<p>Why don't you just say California? :) Look a little closer and you'll find alot of choices the ENTIRE length of the west coast.</p>

<li>my stats don't matter + I don't want to type them out lol</li>
<li>I'm interested in cal poly pomona, not pomona college :)</li>
<li>those are the only schools that offer what I want to major in (except USF), so those are my only choices.</li>

<p>unless you are looking at an impacted major you should get into cal poly pomona as long as you have decent (ie, above 3.0) grades.</p>

<p>If you are interested in SLO than I assume you are looking into something science-y. In which case, check out Stanford or Berkeley.</p>

<p>What do you place most value on?</p>

<p>Location? Party? Academics? Sports? Job placement?</p>