help me choose between Agnes Scott and Mount Holyoke

just like the title says i’m trying to decide between Agnes Scott and Mount Holyoke for this fall (sorry this is so long). I was accepted into Agnes but got off the waitlist for MHO at the end of June. I live in Tennessee thus Agnes would be closer to my family however I love the northeast and have spent time there as well as have extened family in PA and NY in case of any emergency but if I were to go so far I would not be able to come home except for winter break and maybe thanksgiving. Financials are the same for both so it comes down to the other factors such as student life and academics. Agnes has the specific majors I am looking for (political science and English literature with a concentration in creative writing, as well as a minor in film studies) as well as the SUMMIT program which gives me two advisors and a three week abroad trip in the spring semester. In comparison, the only thing MHO would be lacking is the creative writing concentration and the SUMMIT program but I would be able to go abroad after my freshman year. I am very interested in screenwriting and film thus Atlanta would have aspects of that since it is a hub of filming, in contrast, MHO is virtually in the woods and has nothing around but a small village across the street with a bookstore/movie theater/.couple of places to eat but you can take the bus into town as well as rides to Boston if desired. MHO has an equestrian team which is something I would get to take up again in college but I would not label that factor alone as the decision-maker. The largest non-academic con of MHO is its distance. I am sort of a sucker for the North East Liberal Arts College Aesthetic that is MHO and there is the name recognition that comes with the college Would that benefit me, in the long run, is the real question, as well who has a better program/alumn network overall. I would love any opinions or additions or insights to either of the colleges, insights on overall vibe/student life being something I would especially love since I’ve had a hard time trying to find them overall.