Help me choose Engineering colleges with financial aid


<p>I am an international student and I want to do my major in engineering (mechanical or electrical) or applied physics. </p>

<p>And I would need financial aid. My family can pay around $25000 per year. So I would need around $30000 in aid.</p>

<p>So, could you suggest universities which have good engineering programs and offer financial aid to international students.</p>

GPA 3.8/4<br>
Will give SAT I in Oct, but my average in practice tests is around 2000
And my average in SAT II, Maths & Physics both =700+
ECA: Music (vocal), computer programming, soccer (not in school team)</p>

<p>University of Illinios @ Urbana Champaign or University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri both are very good engineering schools with aid. Purdue in Indiana is very good for engineering also but it is more on the expensive side.</p>

<p>USC offers aid to internationals and has a very good engineering school. You have to get your application in by Dec. 1st to be considered for merit aid, for which you might qualify.</p>

<p>Case Western gives out quite a bit of merit aid, and your stats seem like you'd get some from them.</p>

<p>^ Case does not award aid to internationals. Colleges</a> and Schools Awarding International Financial Aid - Ohio</p>

<p>^^^ It looks like UIUC and U Missouri have minimal aid for internationals, nor does Purdue.</p>