Help me choose!!!!! Gettysburg vs. F&M

<p>Which one should i go?</p>

<p>Seriously i am having a headache.</p>

<p>Money is not the issue, the only issue is which school can provide a better education, and has a better reputation/ more respect. </p>

<p>I know both of the schools above are excellent, but which one is the best and which one is the least. I am going to be pre-law.</p>

<p>Hi ctswimmer1221,</p>

<p>My son will be attending Gettysburg in the fall... Unfortunately, I do not know alot about F&M, however, I can tell you that our son had to decide between the University of Richmond, Lafayette, Bucknell, Dickinson and Gettysburg. He chose Gettysburg because of the individual attention that they showed him was incredible. He felt Gettysburg understood the importance of this decision and really does care that the right decision is made regardless if the decision favors them. He has a passion for history and Gettysburg arranged for him to meet one-on-one with the History Dept chair and also the Civil War Studies professor. All the people he met at Gettysburg that day never pressured him and he came away feeling very good about the school. I woul recommend that you call both F&M and Gettysburg and arrange for a day at both schools if you still have time. By the way, I had lunch in the cafeteria (a.k.a. the servo) and the food is the best! (I ate at ten different colleges and universities this year) As parents, I can tell you that Gettysburg gave us the feeling that they wanted our son and not just our money. Good luck with your decision!</p>

<p>Thank you very much!!!</p>

<p>F&M is a better school academically / higher ranked than Gettysburg...Gettysburg was my personal favorite of the 12 or so colleges my daughter had to choose from 3 years ago..It seemed nice and warm, ( and much safer area than F&M) where if you were one of those high achieving students they would promote you...F&M is supposed to be a tough school that practices grade deflation..My daughter chose a larger school ( Boston College) where even tho she has a near perfect GPA and mucho involvement on the campus she is sadly just another face in the crowd. ( tho she is very happy with BC)</p>

<p>I think the ranking issue really depends on which rankings you are looking at. I have seen Gettysburg higher on some lists and vice versa. Reputation/prestige is probably equal and I think the two schools are very similar in many ways. I strongly agree with the other post about the surrounding area of F&M...not very safe and in not so great an area. The whole town of Gettysburg is very nice and also in a great location with respect to Baltimore, DC area and Harrisburg. Both of my kids looked at F&M and just never got that excited about it. One ended up at Bucknell, the other at Gettysburg. Have you checked out the professor profiles on the websites? My kids have always found that to be a very helpful tool.</p>

<p>Both Gettysburg and Franklin and Marshall are Tier 1 colleges. Rankings have lots of factors that have nothing to do with academics. Endowment is one factor. G'burg and F&M score 2 points apart in the USN&WR rankings. </p>

<p>Don't know the F&M deadline to accept. Gettysburg's was last Saturday. Time for decision was months, or at least weeks ago.</p>

<p>-- Chuck</p>

<p>thank you for helping me, i already accepted f&m but gettysburg called me this saturday and accepted me off the waitlist. i have to call gail sweezy the director of admissions today. shes very nice and understanding. basically the two colleges are the same or very similar on paper. i have heard that f& m is a little tougher. my main thing is that when i stepped on the f&m campus i kind of really liked it. it seemed so perfect and pretty. i liked the layout and the view of hartman green from the dorm i saw. and the common room of f&m was really nice and luxurious. and the entire dorm was so nice. the people were very niceand everyhting seemed pretty great. although there is a catch i was admitted to f&m starting spring semester. im a "spring option" student. I was admitted to gettysburg for fall admission. if i would go to f&m i would want to go abroad to spain or hungary (my heritage) but there are not a lot of programs left. so i would probably go to a local university like fordham or nyu to take classes. so i really have a dilemma. what anyone do in this situation. would you rather go to a college that seemed comfortable to you, should i just go to f&m because i like the campus?</p>

<p>I would rather start college in september at Gettysburg rather than wait till the spring semester at F&M....In Sept would start your freshman year brand new , on the same page as the other freshman..You are right, Gail Sweezy is very nice to deal with</p>

<p>there is very little difference between these schools</p>

<p>Starting in September is the wiser choice.</p>

<p>Hi! I'm not sure if you've already had to send in your replies, but I'm a student at Gburg currently and I found this thread as a result of some intense summer boredom.. Anyway, I just wanted to say that Gettysburg is absolutely fantastic, and the things mentioned earlier in this thread about getting personal attention is 150% true. You'll actually meet the people signing your admissions materials, all of your professors will know you by name, and you'll have more opportunities than you can imagine. And if you're at Gburg, I promise you won't feel like you should be at F&M. In fact, not really liking F&M will become a character trait ;) Good luck with everything! No matter which way you decided to go, make the most of your first year- it's never too early to get involved.</p>