Help me choose :P

<p>okay, i need a laptop <800dollars.
i have narrowed it down to three choices but am open to suggestions.
Two actually, coz the toshiba m645 is way too heavy.</p>

<p>so , my choices are -samsung q430 (799 on bb)
samsung np-r580 (779 on bb)
Ill post the features here for ease:</p>

<p>q430-i5 450, nvidia 310m, 500gig 5400rpm, 4 gig ddr3 ram, 14inches, 1366*768,etc
the other one:basically same except i5 430, 15.6 inches ,and has a blu ray drive.</p>

<p>ill bes tudying mech or chem engg at the univ of minnesota.</p>

<p>which one should i choose??
i personally am inclined towards the q430 cuz its smaller , more portable, and good looking, thought the other one looks pretty good too.</p>

<p>help on ,ppl.</p>

<p>Bump bump bump</p>