Help me choose: SMU, U Arizona, URI, The New School, Syracuse, UMIAMI

I only have a few weeks to decide where I want to go to college and I am very lost. I recently got admitted to SMU as a spring admit for Meadows, U arizona for film in the fall, The New School Lang for fall, URI for film media in the fall, and got waitlisted to Syracuse for Newhouse and Umiami for film. If I get off of the waitlist, I am thinking I will choose Syracuse. But if not, I am not really sure what college to choose. SMU is probably the best school I got into but I am worried that I will not socially fit in. I am from a lower class family and went to public school and am from the east coast. I really dont know if I want to go into greek life but Im leaning towards not. The New school is very enticing because of its manhattan location but the film program isnt the best, U arizonas film program is decent but I feel as though it might be a similar situation with SMU. URI I dont know much about, I just know a lot of people going and its close to home, not really a well known film program.
I really want to find a place with an amazing film program, good business programs also because I want to minor in business, and an accepting and cool student body. I dont really care about the price, but quality of the school matters most. I want to make both life long friends and connections. Please help me choose, I am so lost and have only a few weeks.

Hi! What did you end up choosing?

We are in a similar situation. What did you end up choosing?