Help me choose!!

<p>Im currently a freshmen nursing student who wants to change my major to engineering next year. Please help me decide!!
1.) Stay at current college and major in electrical engineering. Graduate in 4 years.
2.) Go to a state school way cheaper and closer to home with a 5 year engineering physics program. Physics was my favorite class in high school. If i choose this option, I get a physics degree and an engineering degree. I would be at the school for 3 years and get the physics degree and then transfer to a better school for the Last 2 years to get my engineering degree.</p>

<p>Any advice?</p>

<p>I am picking up vibration that lots of confusion now-a-days. You, for example, want to change major but dont know IF EE (electrical engineering) is good for you or Engineering Physics? as these two are two different world.</p>

<p>Well, you have to figure out for yourself which one you like then go forwards. IF Money is the problem then obviously you have to go to formentioned state school and closer to home. You can not be distracted with the money while pursuing undergraduate. It needs to be addressed/handled appropriately and immediately otherwise you will go crazy.</p>

<p>More importantly, you also have to decide between Physics and the engineering degree as these two are completely different. Or, you can take classes in physics as minor but go all the way for the engineering as the bread and butter. It is not recommended to get DUAL DEGREES (BS and BS). Just choose one and then take the advance/grad. school.</p>

<p>lastly, what kind of ENGINEERING you love or you like?..EE? ME? CIVIL E.? CHEM E. or perhaps go all the way get your physics undergrad. then go for grad. school in ENG…you can do it too.</p>

<p>The only problem is that the state school does not have engineering. They only have the engineering physics program. Why are dual degrees not recommended? Also, I like the idea of getting a physics degrees and getting my masters in engineering. But why not get a physics degree and an engineering degree in 5 years??</p>

<p>You said: But why not get a physics degree and an engineering degree in 5 years?? </p>

<p>Answer: you are talking 5 years for two bachelors (BS-BS). It is a waste of time and is better to do one bachelor BS Engineering Physics in 4 years than go to grad. school in Eng. (EE, etc) for another 2 years, total of 6 years.</p>

<p>If you just want to stop at BS then go looking for work, all you need is one BS only. Two BS (in Engineering) degrees are kind of weird but perhaps one BS and one minor is better.</p>

<p>So basically get a bs in physics then get my masters in some type of engineering? Is that a common thing to do?</p>

<p>Yup…the last two years for you chasing the BS in Eng. is better spent doing grad. school in Eng. Take a look at the admissions of Grad School Eng. in any schools and they usually will welcome those who dont even have any BS Eng. degree…talk to their grad. admission office.</p>