Help Me Choose

<p>I am currently a sophomore at Northeastern University.</p>

<p>My stats are:</p>

<p>High School-
3.6 GPA
1290 SAT
670 Literature
630 US History
610 Literature</p>

varsity cheer leading captain (10,11,12), varsity soccer (9,10), high honors for four years, editor for the newspaper, class treasurer, leader of junior and senior prom committees, youth in action club founding member, spent a month in Nicaragua building homes, involvement in church youth group, traveled to Europe (France, Scandinavia, England).</p>

<p>-HS Gist: I SUCK at Math and Science (chem and physics, I love biology!) and am a great writer and people person. People are usually very surprised I didn't have a 4.0 because I seem smarter? That sounds awful but...</p>

3.7 GPA
EC's/activities: Dean?s List, Alpha Beta Lambda(Freshman Honor?s Society), Sigma Alpha Lambda (Arts & Science Honor?s Society), Excellence Scholarship, Officer of Sociology and Anthropology Student Association (SASA)</p>

<p>I'm working on getting an internship at a very prestigious natural history museum this summer, and if I don't work there I will volunteer at a well known museum as a docent.</p>

<p>My current major is Anthropology and I'm looking for a new college with a GREAT program. </p>

<p>Where I'm looking right now (includes, safety, reach, target):</p>

<p>ASU at Tempe
New York University
U Penn</p>

<p>I'm guaranteed amazing recommendations if that helps at all!</p>

<p>Any suggestions would be great...I'm lost right now and could really use some help choosing other schools to apply to as well as if you think what I've already listed is appropriate.</p>

<p>Columbia and Harvard are completely impossible.
UPenn is unlikely.
New York University, BU and even Barnard are completely possible.
(btw on a side note it helps that you want anthropology and aren't one of the hundreds of econ majors applying to nyu)
ASU is definite considering that they accept 90.8% of transfers (source:collegeboard)</p>

<p>You should consider
Washington University in St. Louis
University of Virginia</p>

<p>Lol Harvard...but anyway, that is a completely useless comment for me to make and I apologize. I agree that you should branch out. For great Anthro you can't forget UChicago (still pretty tough to get in though). Why do you want to transfer? For a better Anthro program? Or something else?</p>

<p>^I knew college confidential was *****y, but really???</p>

<p>Anyways, I am looking for a better Anthropology program, I love NEU otherwise...</p>

<p>Do you think the fact that my present school only offers 5 classes in my major and is planning on merging it with international affairs could help my chances? </p>

<p>I mean, not that transferring because of social reasons is not as important, but I'm doing this purely because of academics and nothing else...</p>

<p>Also, what about Brown?</p>

<p>I think the program-assimilation thing is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it provides a very valid reason for transfer. </p>

<p>On the other, it most likely means that your current school is pretty weak in your department. I'm going through a similar thing with my school- during my freshman year, they merged the theatre department with literature and language, despite having very experienced faculty and two excellent facilities, and transferring was not an immediate option. The way I've tried to combat the weak university situation is to be as active in my field as I possibly can, however I can, be it in the university or not. I'd encourage you to find some way to do the same, though I can't think of any way to do that offhand in your field.</p>

<p>And don't listen to them about "impossibilities." You have nothing to lose by applying, excepting the fee, and none of us really knows how a school is going to decide things individually-we're all just students, unless there are admissions people skulking around here that I'm not aware of...</p>

and aren't one of the hundreds of econ majors applying to nyu



<p>at least you're not a management / finance double major... NYU's an impossiblity for me lol</p>

<p>BU - match / slight reach
Columbia - reach
New York University - match / slight reach
Harvard - high reach
U Penn - reach</p>

<p>HAHA I WAS. Until I decided that I really don't like business.</p>


<p>My number one school is Barnard...</p>

<p>I plan on writing my essays to let admissions know how much I LOVE the college (should have applied there in HS!) and what a great fit it would be. If I don't get in for fall (KNOCK ON WOOD) I will take a leave of absence and work at a museum until I can re-apply for spring...</p>

<p>Also, I was just hired as a research assistant for an anthropology (my major) grant. This position was highly competitive as I was up against grad students for it. This professor is writing me a rec as well, do you think me mentioning this experience will help?</p>

<p>PS: I have a 4.0 QPA in all anthro courses...will this make a difference?</p>

<p>How many credits have you taken thus far in college, because if this is your 2nd year your chances are allot better. If that's the case, the only one I see being somewhat impossible is Harvard. Ignore the above posts about Columbia and Penn being impossible, because with good essays and recommendations you could make it in....</p>

<p>After this semester I will have 72 credits...the colleges I'm appying to will only tak ~60 so that stinks, but what can you do? Plus, if I end up anywhere I'm trying for the financial aid will be much better so it will make up for be losing a 1/2 year (I hope!)</p>

<p>OP: We're in prety similar positions. I'm a freshman at USC applying to Harvard, UPenn, Georgetown, and American as an ANTH major. Also hoping my gpa, essays and recs will help me get in over my SAT score (2070).</p>

<p>I'm also looking to work at the Museum of Science this summer. I'm from Boston originally.</p>

<p>Oh and also, I got into Barnard last year applying out of HS, and they love strong writers over SAT scores, so you should be good!</p>

<p>I know Barnard really looks at each applicant as a person...hopefully they like me!!!! =)</p>