Help Me Choose

<p>Hi, I need some help choosing which colleges to focus on for my undergrad studies, i'm an incoming senior in the class of 2011. I plan on majoring in molecular biology, so
I would like to go to a school that has an amazing bio department, i would also like to minor in/get a certificate in Neuroscience, because my goal is to go to one of the best med schools, and then train to be a brain surgeon.</p>

<p>Schools I'm already considering (please add more, i need advice!)
University of Florida

<p>My Stats
Florida resident
Caucasian male
2050 SAT
750 CR
650 M
650 W
Rank #6 in class of approx 300
UW= 3.9
W= 4.5
Recently taken AP Bio, will take AP Chem and Physics next year</p>

NHS: President
Student Council: President
Varsity Golf Team
Boys State Delegate for my school
Hooks: Had brain cancer, I had a tumor removed a few weeks before my sophomore year began, I had a complete healthy recovery. This is why I strive to become a brain surgeon.</p>

<p>Good that you have an in-state school. That may be the least expensive option. Have you discussed colleges costs and found out what your parents can afford?</p>

<p>Hopkins? University of Rochester for some place a little easier to get into. Maybe look at the LACs that have neuroscience---Amherst, Middlebury, Bowdoin, a bunch of others.</p>

<p>Yeah, i'm gonna end up going wherever i get a really good scholarship, but i'd just like to know of the colleges that are good in those areas.</p>


<p>Washington university in st Louis sounds like a pretty good match :). Bio dept is top notch and they have some awesome neuroscience programs</p>

<p>Nothing sounds like a really good match, because none of us have any idea of who you are, how you work, whether you like traditional or alternative learning, etc.</p>

<p>If you haven't, I recommend looking into Brown, just because it's so unique from the other top-tier universities. At this point, no one can give you matches, just schools you may be interested in.</p>

<p>Besides Brown: Duke, Dartmouth</p>

<p>Err...I was referring to match as in matching the requirements he listed...</p>

<p>You definitely need more safeties on your list, but so far I think is good.
Maybe add another safety school like FSU as a safety.
By the way are you going to need financial aid? Do you prefer an urban or a rural environment? Are you willing to consider an LACS?</p>



<p>You'll need to get your SATs up.</p>

<p>I agree with glass - those SATs seem too low for Stanford and Princeton</p>

<p>Thanks for the people who have thrown me some colleges to look at</p>

<p>and my SAT score is in the ranges of all of those colleges,</p>

<p>^ Let's use Stanford as an example: Stanford</a> University: Common Data Set 2009-2010 Your Math and Writing are both under the 25% level. If you're a 350 lb lineman then yes, you might be accepted. If not then it's a major reach.</p>

<p>Sorry i didn't realize that 25% of Princeton's incoming class are 350lb linemen.</p>

<p>I understand its a reach.</p>

<p>Let me be plain. You are not in the ranges of all those schools. Perhaps consider U Miami and Fla State.</p>

<p>To put it more diplomatically, even if your scores are at the school's 50% level admittance is still iffy. But you should still apply to a few schools where you are at the 25% level as you have planned. Just fill in your list with some that are more certain. Brandeis might be worth a look too. Also maybe someplace with rolling admissions like the University of Michigan (maybe I already said that).</p>


Michigan switched from rolling to EA. The difference is mostly worth noting only if the OP plans to apply SCEA to Stanford.</p>

<p>Your GPA leads me to think you can do better on the SAT...should try again.</p>

and my SAT score is in the ranges of all of those colleges


<p>No, it's not, and your ECs won't be able to make up for that.</p>